Gate 35 in Human Design: Living a Rich and Adventurous Life

Discover the power of Gate 35 in Human Design, known as the Gate of Change. Learn how to use this energy to embark on adventures in life with confidence.

What does Gate 35 mean in Human Design?

Gate 35 in Human Design is known as the ‘Gate of Change’. It’s located in the Throat Center, which is associated with communication and initiating action. This gate is all about experiencing life through various events and highlights the importance of growth through new experiences.

People with Gate 35 active in their charts are typically adventurous and always looking for new opportunities to learn and evolve. They are driven by a desire to see what life has to offer and are often open to trying new things, which allows them to accumulate a wide range of experiences.

The energy of Gate 35 makes you embrace change and the unknown, because you recognize that each new experience provides valuable lessons and opportunities for personal development. However, the challenge for those with this gate is to not become restless or dissatisfied with routine, as there’s a tendency to always look for the next big thing instead of appreciating the moment.

If you have Gate 35 active in your Human Design, it’s important to balance your thirst for change with an appreciation for the stability and insights that come from sustained efforts and experiences. This gate teaches that while change is exciting and necessary for growth, finding value in consistent and reliable aspects of life is also essential.

What Not-Self Energy looks like for Gate 35

With Gate 35, you naturally lean towards seeking new experiences and growth. However, when this energy is out of alignment, you might be influenced by its Not-Self aspects. Then, your desire for new experiences can show up as restlessness or impulsiveness, which might not always be constructive.

For example, you might find yourself starting new hobbies frequently without sticking to any of them long enough to truly enjoy or understand them. One week you might start learning to play the piano, and the next week, you impulsively buy a set of golf clubs to try that out.

Another scenario could be frequently changing jobs. You might be only a few months into a new job and suddenly feel the urge to apply for another, not because your current role isn’t suitable, but because you’re seeking the thrill of change. This pattern can lead to a cycle of short-term gratification that quickly dissipates and you feel like you have to constantly look for the next exciting opportunity.

Recognizing that restlessness and impulsiveness are shadow aspects of Gate 35 is crucial for self-regulation. By being aware of these tendencies, you can pause and reflect before making quick decisions, giving yourself time to consider if this urge for change truly aligns with your long-term growth goals or if it’s just a temporary escape from the discomfort of staying still.

Your Strengths with Gate 35

When Gate 35 energy is aligned and balanced, you can exhibit several key strengths and positive attributes that help you navigate life. Here are five traits that might resonate with you:

Adaptability – You have a natural ability to adjust to new experiences and circumstances. This flexibility allows you to go with the flow and make the most out of changing situations. When you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, you’ll make sure to get out of it.

Curiosity – Your innate sense of wonder drives you to explore the world and learn about various aspects of life. This curiosity enriches your life experiences, broadens your perspective, and contributes significantly to your personal growth.

Experience-Seeker – Gate 35 is all about embracing new adventures, and you often crave fresh experiences. You’re eager to try new things and learn from each adventure, whether the outcomes are good or bad.

Reflection – Another strength is your ability to reflect on and synthesize your experiences. You don’t just seek new adventures; you also think about them deeply and try draw meaningful insights. Then you can use this new wisdom to shape your story moving forward.

Joy in Progress – As you move through different phases of life, you take pleasure in your journey towards self-improvement. Your positive approach often inspires those around you to embrace their own growth processes.

These qualities enable you to live a fulfilling life, whree you continuously turn your experiences into wisdom. To make the most of your Gate 35 energy, focus on recognizing and using these strengths. They can guide you to live a rich and adventurous life, full of learning and personal development.

Living Authentically with Gate 35 Energy

Living authentically with Gate 35 energy means embracing your natural curiosity and zest for new experiences. This gate fuels your desire to explore, learn, and grow through diverse adventures in life. Let’s look at how you can apply this energy practically in your daily activities and choices.

Imagine you’re considering a career shift because your current job no longer excites you. With Gate 35 active in your Human Design, you’re naturally drawn to roles that promise new challenges and learning opportunities.

You might find yourself volunteering for a project that pushes you out of your comfort zone, or you might come up with a new solution to an old problem. It’s about the satisfaction of learning a new skill, like mastering a piece of software, or the thrill of leading your team into a new direction.

Instead of sticking to the familiar, you decide to pursue opportunities and environments that offer room for innovation and growth. This decision not only revitalizes your professional life but also aligns with your innate need for progression and personal development.

In your personal life, this might look like planning a solo travel adventure to a country you’ve never visited. The excitement of experiencing a new culture, language, and cuisine feeds your soul. Each new place you visit and every person you meet adds to your rolodex of life experiences and broadens your understanding of the world.

It could also be trying to cook a new recipe or perhaps you take a class in something unconventional like pottery or martial arts. These new hobbies not only satisfy your curiosity but also connect you with like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for exploration and learning.

Living authentically with Gate 35 means you continuously seek out new experiences that challenge you and make life exciting. You recognize that each new adventure, whether in your career, travels, or hobbies, is an opportunity to learn and grow. By following this path, you build a life that is not only rich in experiences but also true to your inner nature, filled with joy and a deep appreciation for the journey of self-discovery.

Wrapping Up

Gate 35 encourages you to embrace change and new opportunities because they help build wisdom over time. It’s not just about seeking novelty, but about learning from each new situation.

By tapping into the energy of Gate 35, you can gain a deeper understanding of life through your diverse experiences. It’s crucial to see the value in every step of your journey, whether it feels like a step forward or a setback.

Embracing the energy of Gate 35 changes how you approach life. It encourages you to be proactive and open-minded about various experiences, leading to personal transformation and a uniquely rich and nuanced understanding of your life journey.


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