The Meaning of the Juxtaposition Cross of Bargains (37/40 | 5/35)

The Juxtaposition Cross of Bargains in Human Design

What is the Juxtaposition Cross of Bargains?

When you first hear the term “Juxtaposition Cross of Bargains,” it sounds like something out of Harry Potter, but it’s actually an important part of your Human Design. If you have this cross as your Incarnation Cross, it will shape a major part of your life’s purpose.

Every Incarnation Cross is made up of the energies of four Human Design Gates, with two coming from your Sun signs and two from your Earth signs. Together, they form an energetic blueprint that acts like an undercurrent to your life.

Let’s unpack the the Gates of the Juxtaposition Cross of Bargains.

Gate 37: The Gate of Family

Gate 37 is all about emotional harmony and maintaining a sense of family and closeness. People with this energy often embody the caretaker role, striving to create and maintain a warm and welcoming environment for the people around them.

Gate 40: The Gate of Aloneness

Contrasting Gate 37 is Gate 40, which urges you to take care of your own needs and occasionally demands solitude to recharge. With this gate comes the need for independence and recognizing that looking after yourself is not selfish, but necessary for your well-being.

Gate 5: The Gate of Rhythms

This gate is all about patterns, timing, and routines. If Gate 5 is part of your design, you may feel a strong desire for consistency in your life. It’s the internal rhythm that helps us feel grounded and secure when everything else is in flux.

Gate 35: The Gate of Change

Finally, Gate 35 is about progress and the natural progression of life experiences. With this gate, you have an innate desire to evolve through various experiences, continuously learning from them, and appreciating the growth they provide.

Your Life Purpose with the Juxtaposition Cross of Bargains

If you have the Juxtaposition Cross of Bargains, your life’s purpose is all about mastering the art of creating deals and situations where everyone benefits. This talent isn’t just about money—it’s about finding fairness and balance in everything you do, from how you interact with others to your career and personal growth. You have a talent for spotting opportunities for mutual benefit where others might not see them.

Your life is about finding the right balance between giving to others and taking care of yourself, blending old ways with new ideas, and combining stability with the willingness to embrace change.

By understanding and embracing these elements of your Cross, you can achieve your true mission in life. This involves caring for others while also ensuring you don’t neglect your own health and happiness, and recognizing that change, though sometimes challenging, is essential for personal and collective progress.

How to Succeed with the Juxtaposition Cross of Bargains

Success for someone with your Cross can look different because it’s not just about achieving goals or climbing a ladder. It’s more about finding harmony and balance in your everyday interactions and long-term relationships

  • Embrace Your Natural Mediator Role: The Gates 37 and 40 push and pull someone with this Cross between community and individual needs. This can make you an excellent mediator, as you inherently understand both sides of the coin.
  • Discover Your Balance: The key for those with the Juxtaposition Cross of Bargains is to discover personal balance. It’s about knowing when to step in and help others and recognising when it’s time to retreat and look after yourself.
  • Stabilize Through Routine: Your innate need for rhythm and consistency, as highlighted by Gate 5, can stabilize your life. It helps you to not be overwhelmed by life’s fluctuating tides and stay grounded in times of change.
  • Stay Open to New Experiences: Finally, Gate 35 represents the ever-changing landscape of your experiences. To truly succeed, it’s about staying open to these changes and embracing them as opportunities for growth and learning.

Common Challenges for the Juxtaposition Cross of Bargains

If you carry this Cross, then you are probably someone who strives for harmony in both personal and professional relationships. The energy of your design creates a natural inclination towards creating agreements that benefit all parties involved. However, the drive for balance and mutual benefit can also lead to several challenges.

  • Finding Balance between Give and Take: One of your major hurdles may be the tendency to commit too much in your quest for harmony, which can lead to a one-sided exchange and result in exhaustion or resentment.
  • Speaking Up for Personal Needs: Expressing what you want and need can be tough, especially when those needs clash with what others around you want. Your desire to reach agreements might mute your personal desires, leading over time to dissatisfaction and unmet ambitions.
  • Letting Go of Relationships and Situations: Your strong drive to maintain peace and agreements can make it challenging to walk away from relationships or circumstances that aren’t contributing positively to your life.
  • Handling Expectations in Relationships: You might expect others to live up to your standards of fairness and commitment, and when they fall short, it can lead to disappointment and strained relationships.

Practical Tips for Daily Life

Once you understand the potential energetic challenges that come along with the Juxtaposition Cross of Bargains, you can turn them into opportunities for personal development. Here’s how you can thrive on a day-to-day basis.

  • Establish Healthy Boundaries: Start by setting and adhering to healthy boundaries. When you’re clear and confident about your limits, you promote a fairer dynamic in all your exchanges.
  • Deepen Self-Awareness: Regular self-reflection helps you recognize your true wants and needs, instead of those that merely maintain the status quo.
  • Cultivate Independence: While creating agreements and relationships comes naturally to you, it’s equally important to nurture your independence. Space for personal growth is vital to prevent dependence on others for your sense of self.
  • Encourage Open Communication: Have honest conversations to minimize misunderstandings and fulfill expectations. Speaking your truth helps create transparency and balance.
  • Move from Expectation to Appreciation: By focusing on appreciating people as they are, rather than expecting them to fit a particular mold, you foster more enjoyable and less stressful relationships
  • Get Comfortable with Change: Learn to let go of connections that no longer align with you. Recognizing that not all relationships are meant to last allows for personal evolution and the chance to form new and supportive bonds.

By applying these strategies into your daily routine, you can achieve greater balance and satisfaction in your life. It is through the thoughtful practice of your Human Design that you can enjoy personal growth and enrich your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself.

As you go through life with this Cross, remember the power of the exchange – not only in terms of services or goods but within the emotional and energy realms. In every interaction, you’re bargaining – ensuring that you’re not overgiving to the detriment of your well-being, while also not isolating to the point of loneliness. Finding that sweet spot is your life’s work and greatest success.


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