Discover the Juxtaposition Cross of Correction (18/17 | 39/38)

Discover the meaning of the Juxtaposition Cross of Correction in Human Design

What is the Juxtaposition Cross of Correction in Human Design?

Do you have a particularly good eye for what needs to be improved in the world around you and always try to make things better, because you think you know what’s best to do?

Having strong opinions about what needs correcting and improvement can be a typical personality trait if you have the Juxtaposition Cross of Correction in your Human Design chart. This Incarnation Cross outlines a life journey of applying your keen eye for what could be better to initiate positive changes, all while balancing your own opinions with other people’s views, which can get complicated sometimes.

The Juxtaposition Cross of Correction is shaped by the energies of four specific Gates: Gates 18 and 17, which are about seeing what needs to be corrected and having opinions on how things could be, and Gates 39 and 38, which fuel the drive to provoke change and your determination to stand up for what you believe is right. Together, these gates blend the themes of improvement and innovation with deep emotional connections and resilience.

Let’s dive into how these energies work together and influence you life.

Gate 18: The Gate of Correction

Gate 18 is the part of you that always sees room for improvement. It provides an internal drive to question the status quo and search for ways to make things work better. With this Gate active in your chart, you may find yourself naturally inclined to identify inconsistencies and look for solutions that can lead to progress. But you do this not just to criticize but because you genuinely want things to be the best they can be. It’s all about making positive changes.

Gate 17: The Gate of Opinions

Gate 17 is all about forming opinions and ideas based on past experiences and observations. It represents the mental process of contemplating what currently is and then envisioning what could possibly be in the future. With this Gate active, your thoughts and opinions are an important part of how you interact with the world. You might often start interesting discussions or debates with others.

Gate 39: The Gate of Provocation

Gate 39 carries the energy of provocation and can create movement within yourself and others. This gate is connected to the emotional Solar Plexus Center and can sometimes lead to challenging situations. Imagine being the one who asks “Why?” or “Why not?” pushing people out of their comfort zones for the sake of growth and new possibilities. With this Gate active in your design, you may find that your role often involves stirring up emotions to facilitate change or waking people up to new ways of thinking.

Gate 38: The Gate of the Fighter

Lastly, Gate 38 is all about fighting for what you believe in. It gives you the determination to stand up for causes that matter to you, even if it means going it alone. This gate is about believing that something is worth struggling for, especially if it leads to making a meaningful difference.

Your Life Purpose with the Juxtaposition Cross of Correction

The Juxtaposition Cross of Correction is all about feeling called to make things better and fix what’s wrong. It shows you have a natural sense of fairness and a need to question and change things that aren’t right, not just for yourself but to help others too.

If you have this Incarnation Cross in your Human Design, you’re likely drawn to jobs or roles where you can make a difference, like working in social change and justice reform, or making sure things are of good quality. These areas let you use your talents for spotting problems, coming up with new ideas, stirring people to think and act, and sticking to what you believe in.

You might not be happy in jobs or situations that stay the same and don’t improve. You could be the one who advocates for diversity in the workplace or leading efforts to make your community more sustainable. Your ability to challenge the norm can lead to big changes, especially for causes that matter a lot to you.

In your personal life, this Incarnation Cross might show up as wanting to help your friends and family see how they can grow and get better. You might encourage them to question bad habits or make positive changes. But, it’s important to remember to be understanding and considerate of their feelings and views to keep your relationships smooth.

Understanding the Juxtaposition Cross of Correction gives you a roadmap for living a purposeful and fulfilling life. By knowing and embracing your natural skills in analyzing, questioning, and standing up for justice, you can truly make a difference in your world and the world of those around you.

At the core of the Cross of Correction is the drive for transformation. Using this energy means embracing your role in creating change and bravely defending what you believe needs to be improved. It’s a powerful aspect of your Human Design, filled with both challenges and opportunities for satisfaction and success, as you align with your true purpose.

Common Challenges for the Juxtaposition Cross of Correction

For people with the Juxtaposition Cross of Correction, no stone goes unturned when it comes to making things better. However, this critical eye comes with its share of obstacles. Here are some common ones you that might face:

  • Feeling Misunderstood: Your inherent ability to spot flaws can sometimes be perceived as criticism rather than helpful feedback. This may lead to misunderstandings with others who might not immediately see the value in change or correction.
  • Impatience for Progress: Given your talent for improvement, it can be frustrating when progress is slow or non-existent. This impatience can stir up tension, especially if others are not on the same page about the need for change.
  • Internal Conflict: Striving for perfection can also mean high self-expectations, which might create a sense of never being quite satisfied. Balancing the drive for improvement with self-compassion can be an ongoing challenge.
  • Dealing with Resistance to Change: Not everyone is as keen on change as you are. You might find yourself bumping up against people who prefer the comfort of “the way things have always been.” Finding ways to encourage change, even when met with resistance, is a skill you’ll need to develop.
  • Choosing Your Battles: With the spirit to stand up for what you believe in, you’re ready to fight for causes close to your heart. However, not every issue needs to be a battle. Deciding where to focus your energy is crucial. You want to put your effort into fights that really make a difference and avoid getting side-tracked by less important issues.
  • Keeping an Open Mind: You might have strong opinions and ideas about how things should be, which is great for innovation but can make it hard to accept other people’s perspectives. It might be a challenge to share your vision while also being open to different ideas, but it’s important to hear what others have to say, so you can use that information to create new understanding and growth, eventually.

How to Succeed in Life with the Juxtaposition Cross of Correction

To find success and fulfillment, consider these strategies to make the most of out the Juxtaposition Cross of Correction’s energies:

Embrace and Share Your Ideas: You can be full of innovative ideas, so don’t keep them to yourself! Share your visions and opinions, but also make space to listen to others. Success comes from balancing your unique insights with openness to new perspectives.

Use Your Energy to Inspire: Your natural ability to stir things up can be a powerful force for growth, so learn to use this energy wisely. Start conversations and challenging the status quo in ways that encourage others to think differently, not just causing disruption for the sake of causing disruption.

Grow Through Understanding: Your path is all about improvement and correction, so embrace learning as a lifelong journey. This includes not just gathering knowledge but also deepening your understanding of yourself, others, and the world around you. Every experience, whether a success or a setback, offers valuable lessons.

Talk Positively When Giving Feedback: When you need to give feedback, try to do it as if you’re working together with the person, not against them. Suggest improvements instead of pointing out faults, and don’t forget to mention what they’re already doing well. This way, people are more likely to listen and appreciate your advice.

Aim for Achievable Goals: Remember, nobody’s perfect. Set goals that you and others can realistically reach. This keeps you from feeling too stressed or being too hard on yourself, and it also keeps everyone motivated by the progress you make, no matter how small.

Be Patient with Change: Improvements usually don’t happen overnight. Have patience and understand that making things better is a long-term effort. While you can push for change, remember it might take a while for others to see things your way.

Find the Right Place for Your Talents: Look for places—like certain jobs or communities—that value making things better just as much as you do. When you’re in an environment that appreciates your knack for improvement, you’re more likely to succeed and feel satisfied.

Overall, your life path with Juxtaposition Cross of Correction is about wanting to improve everything around you, from the little things to big changes that can make the world a better place. Always remember that your ability to make things better, to question the status quo, and to motivate others is a true gift.

By understanding and using your strengths with patience and kindness, you can make your journey more rewarding and have a positive effect on your environment. The Juxtaposition Cross of Correction encourages you to step up—it’s a reminder that positive change is always possible, and we all have a part to play in creating a better future.


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