Discover the Juxtaposition Cross of Crisis (36/6 | 10/15)

Discover the meaning of the Juxtaposition Cross of Crisis in Human Design

What is the Juxtaposition Cross of Crisis in Human Design?

Do you feel like you’re often hit by challenges that stir up strong emotions, while you also search for who you really are and where you fit in within the world?

This mix of going through tough times with intense feelings, discovering yourself, and wanting to connect with others can be typical life themes if you have the Juxtaposition Cross of Crisis in your Human Design. This Incarnation Cross shows a life filled with personal and shared challenges that actually help you grow and change for the better.

The Juxtaposition Cross of Crisis is formed by the energy of four gates: Gates 36 and 6, which are about feeling life deeply and finding value in emotional experiences, and Gates 10 and 15, which are about your journey to be your true self and feeling in tune with the bigger picture of life. Together, these energies lead you on a path where facing and overcoming challenges not only helps you learn more about yourself but also how you connect with the world.

Let’s dive deeper into how these energies work together and guide you through your life.

Gate 36 – The Gate of Crisis

Gate 36 is associated with the energy of adventure and exploration from an emotional perspective. Individuals with this gate in their design are meant to experience life through their feelings and sometimes intense emotional states. They’re here to embrace the highs and lows, learn from them, and teach others the value of emotion as a catalyst for change. This gate loves new experiences, even if they come with a bit of risk, because it’s through these experiences that learning and growth happen.

Gate 6 – The Gate of Conflict

Gate 6 deals with the nature of conflict and resolution and is essentially about connecting deeply with others through emotions. People with this gate possess a deep understanding of the dynamics within relationships and often want to be peacemakers. They strive for harmony but recognize that sometimes friction is necessary to facilitate growth and stronger connections between people.

Gate 10 – The Gate of Self-Behaviour

Gate 10 is focused on being true to yourself. It’s the energy that encourages you to stand up for what makes you unique and to live in a way that’s authentic to you. This gate inspires you to follow your own path, even if it’s different from everyone else’s, and to find strength in your individuality. Your life’s work includes setting an example that you can indeed live a life that’s true to yourself and help others realize the importance of taking care of one’s self.

Gate 15 – The Gate of Extremes

Lastly, Gate 15 is about finding a sense of belonging and harmony with the world around you. It’s like being in tune with life’s natural rhythms, being capable of adjusting to the ebb and flows, and understanding that there’s a time and place for everything. With this gate active, you may help others understand the natural extremes of life, creating a sense of acceptance with the constant motion of the world and a feeling that everyone is part of something bigger than themselves.

Your Life Purpose with the Juxtaposition Cross of Crisis

If you have the Juxtaposition Cross of Crisis in your Human Design, it means you’re deeply connected with your emotions, how you interact with people, while also taking care of yourself, and move with the natural flow of life.

You are likely someone who is familiar with the rollercoaster of emotions, hence going through intense feelings isn’t random for you; it’s a key part of your path. These experiences teach you valuable lessons, not just for your own growth but also to help others. While some people might avoid deep emotional dives, you’re all about diving in and discovering new insights.

You understand that conflicts happen for a reason. It’s not just about solving them but getting to the heart of what caused them and finding ways to strengthen connections afterward. Your ability to see things from different angles and bring people together shows you’re great at building relationships based on understanding and mutual respect.

Staying true to who you are is a big deal for you. Keeping your integrity and self-respect not only guides you but also lights the way for others towards realizing their true selves and improving personally. You are a living example that teaches the importance of self-care and being honest with oneself, showing how being aligned internally can lead to a happier life.

Your purpose might also be to teach others to go with the flow of life, not fight against it. You have a special way of staying in tune with life’s ups and downs, showing flexibility and strength that encourages others. The wisdom you gather from going through changes yourself can be a source of comfort and motivation for people who find it hard to deal with constant changes.

When you mix together the energies of these four gates, it means that you’re on a life path where dealing with your own ups and downs, building strong connections with others, being honest about who you are, and flowing with the rhythm of life are all part of what makes your journey special.

Common Challenges for the Juxtaposition Cross of Crisis

People with the Juxtaposition Cross of Crisis often face unique hurdles in their life journey, particularly because this cross carries the intensity of emotional experiences and a strong desire for change. Here is what might come up for you:

  • Handling Emotional Intensity: Your life might feel like a rollercoaster of emotions sometimes, thanks to the deep feelings you experience. Learning how to manage these intense emotions without getting overwhelmed is a big challenge. You might find it hard to make decisions during emotional highs or lows. The key is learning to wait for a calm moment before making big choices, as emotions can cloud your judgment.
  • Staying True to Yourself: With your strong sense of individuality, you might sometimes struggle to stick to what makes you unique, especially when faced with the pressure to fit in or conform to others’ expectations. It’s like trying to keep your color in a world that often seems black and white.
  • Acting Too Much on Impulse: You might find yourself acting on impulse, driven by strong emotions or the desire for new experiences, without fully thinking through the consequences. This spontaneous energy can lead to exciting adventures but also unexpected challenges. Learning to pause and consider the potential outcomes of your actions before diving in can help mitigate risks and lead to more thoughtful decisions.
  • Building and Maintaining Relationships: Your natural tendency to dive deep and provoke thought can sometimes make relationships tricky. You might find it challenging to connect with people who prefer to stay on the surface or who don’t appreciate being pushed out of their comfort zones. It’s a bit like trying to dance with someone who hears a different beat.
  • Keeping Steady: The energy from Gate 15 might make you adapt easily to changes, but others could see this as you being inconsistent. Trying to show you’re flexible without coming off as unreliable is can become a challenge for you.
  • Finding Your Place: With your drive for crisis and change, figuring out where you fit in a world that often values stability and the status quo can be tough. It’s like being an explorer in unknown territory, trying to map out where you belong. This journey to understanding yourself and your place can sometimes leave you feeling lost or disconnected from people around you.

How to Succeed in Life with the Juxtaposition Cross of Crisis

While these challenges might cause trouble at times, there are also a lot of things you can do to use your natural energies in a positive way and find success and fulfillment with the Juxtaposition Cross of Crisis:

  • Understand and Manage Your Emotions: Since your journey involves deep emotional experiences, getting to know your feelings and how to handle them is key. Try to observe your emotions without immediately acting on them, especially during intense moments, or find a bit of quiet time to reflect, meditate, or write in a journal. This can help you see things more clearly and avoid hasty decisions.
  • Use Reflection as a Tool for Growth: Your Incarnation Cross is linked to facing tough times, but it’s also about finding the silver lining in those situations. Use moments of uncertainty or emotional intensity as opportunities to pause and look inward. Reflect on your experiences, feelings, and the lessons each situation teaches you. This practice of introspection can transform challenges into valuable insights and help you to move forward with confidence and a deeper sense of self-awareness.
  • Embrace Your Individuality: Your unique traits are your strengths. Celebrate what makes you different, and don’t be afraid to stand out. Finding ways to express your individuality, while still connecting with others, will not only bring you personal satisfaction but also enrich your relationships. Digging into your Human Design is a great way to discover who you truly are.
  • Find Your Balance Between Change and Stability: You’re naturally drawn to change and new experiences, but finding some stability is also important. Look for ways to introduce routine or consistency in certain areas of your life to give you a solid foundation from which you can explore safely.
  • Connect Deeply With Others: Building strong, meaningful relationships is important for you. Openly share your thoughts and feelings, and listen to others with the same openness. Genuine connections can support you through the ups and downs of life and bring a sense of belonging.

Living with the Juxtaposition Cross of Crisis means you’re on a journey full of action, connection, and change. It’s not about just getting through tough times quietly. Instead, you’re meant to dive right into challenges, learn from them, and use what you learn to help not just yourself but everyone around you. Your role is to find clear answers in confusing situations, help solve disagreements to bring peace, and teach others how to be themselves and go through the highs and lows of life.

Remember, your Incarnation Cross in Human Design is a roadmap, not a fixed destiny. It’s an invitation to explore what you’re capable of and live true to yourself. With this understanding, you can shape a life that is not only successful by your own standards but also filled with meaningful experiences and personal growth.


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